Do you enjoy listening to the sweet and tinkling sounds of windchimes in your home? Well who really doesn’t, the positivity and good vibes that spread through the entire house when the wind chimes start ringing cannot be expressed in words. It is surreal and is also believed to be a way of bringing prosperity into your homes. There have been many studies that have been conducted to find out how exactly these windchimes work, however not everyone is aware of the right places in our homes to place these windchimes. Here are a few places that you can fix your windchimes at for good luck and positive energy.

Near an Open Window 

A water/wind chime according to feng shui, which is the Asian art of placement of things in order to bring positive vibes inside the house, should be placed in front of the area where water or air enters the house from. This means that by always taking special care of the placement of certain objects inside our homes will help us in giving a balanced feel to the house by encouraging the flow of energy into our living space. Wind chimes were hence made popular from here as they help stimulate the flow of air into our homes. What better place than near a window which is mostly open. In this way all the air that will enter our space will bring in a lot of positivity and good spirit.


The place you spend most of your time engaged in some form of activity which is usually stressful, offices are yet another place that one can place wind chimes in. Special windchimes that do not interfere or disturb your mental peace but rather that work towards helping you focus can be placed somewhere inside your working space. The most important aspect of this is to not place the wind chime directly overhead but somewhere a bit farther that the sound is very mild and comforting and only reaches the ears in a reduced volume. To further enjoy a peaceful state of mind you can learn more about delta-8 THC and use such products accordingly. 

Child’s Bedroom 

A child’s room or any bedroom can also have a special type of wooden or bamboo windchime for the gentle cackling sounds that come from them. This will boost their creativity and keep them in a good mood for the most part. As the children are in the growing stage a general sense of calm and security is most needed by them and the gentle sounds of the windchimes do that successfully for them. The soothing and comforting sounds also help elevate any sort of aggression or frustration that usually troubles a small child. 

Front Door 

Probably one of the most common places for people to place their metal wind chimes are at the front doors. Since most of the guests that enter our homes enter from the front door, it not only converts their energies into a positive one but also announces their entrance in the sweetest way possible. The windchimes that are to be placed in this place can be experimented with as much as you’d like. Introducing interesting aspects and making it look quite creative which your guests would absolutely fall in love with as soon as they enter your home.


Working in the kitchen can sometimes get too heated and quite stressful which again calls for a windchime to brighten up the overall setting of the heart of the house. When the heart works fine so does the rest of the body parts as the blood is supplied from there, which is why kitchens should also be taken care of well. Any shape of windchime can fit into this space be it a rectangular one, a circular one or a triangular one. 


These 5 places are some of the most important nooks of your home, and should be treated as such. Apart from this however there is the aspect of directions that matter a lot in the arrangement of windchimes inside the house. You must go through them as well.