A washroom might be the most used room in your home. Subsequently, it becomes dirty soon. Washroom cleaning takes time but it is worth doing it. A dirty washroom is a place for unhealthy health hazards. So, it is very important to keep your washroom clean and tidy. 

You might not get time to do the cleaning in your daily routine. Hence, it might take up your weekend to do all the cleaning. Here, I have suggested some of the effective ways to clean your washroom. I hope you develop a good habit of cleaning the washroom daily. 

Regularly Wipe Down The Surfaces

Regularly Wipe Down The Surfaces

Bathroom surfaces contain the maximum amount of germs. They might cover your toiletries. So, make sure that you wipe the washroom daily. Use washroom cleaning disinfectant to clean it. Also, you can spray an antibacterial bathroom cleaner. 

Further, use a microfiber cloth to wipe your washroom. Microfiber cloth easily lifts and holds dirt. It is considered best to remove all the grease, liquids, and bacteria. Moreover, doing these 2-3 times a week will help you to keep your washroom clean for quite a long time. 

Clean Your Toilet Seat 

Make a habit of cleaning your toilet seat after every use. Use disinfectant spray to clean your toilet seat. You can also pour a cup of bleach into a bowl. Keep it for ten minutes then scrub it using a toilet brush and flush. I would strongly recommend you to do this three times a week. Further, don’t forget to clean your toilet brush. It contains all sorts of germs. Try placing it in a bowl full of bleach and hot water. 

Scrub Your Bathroom Daily 

Scrub Your Bathroom Daily 

Your bathroom tiles might get dirty frequently. Here’s a solution to this problem. Giving your bathroom tiles a thorough scrub can prevent them from getting dirty. This will stop mould from growing. You can use scrubbing pads to clean the floors. Also, you can use tile brushes to clean the corners of the bathroom. You might find small corners difficult to clean. Here, you can try using old toothbrushes to clean small corners.

Clean Washroom Glass Carefully

You might hate those dirty spots on the washed glass. Personally, cleaning glass is one of the difficult parts of my cleaning routine. I would suggest you clean the glass weekly. Here, you need to make sure that you clean the glass carefully. Using any ordinary cleaner can damage your glass. Avoid using hard scrubbers to clean your mirror or glass. However, I would recommend you to use a spray cleaner and then wipe it with a soft cloth. 

You can also use old wet newspapers to clean them. Further, you can use a squeegee to clean the watermarks after every shower. This will make your weekly cleaning work easy.

Clean Your Washroom Taps and Sink

Clean Your Washroom Taps and Sink

Make sure you clean your washroom taps regularly. Taps are the most touched part of the washroom. This might be covered by numerous germs. Use the disinfectant spray to clean them. Further, do not forget to clean your sink. Rinse out the sink thoroughly after every use. Dry it using a cloth. Also, clean the bottom of your sink. Generally, people leave the bottom part of the sink. But it is always worth cleaning that part. This would be best for maintaining your hygiene. 

Clean Your Showerhead Properly

It is the final part of your cleaning routine. I am pretty sure that you forgot to clean it. But it is very important to remove the deposits from the shower. These deposits can lower the pressure of the shower. They can be easily cleaned with an old toothbrush. Also, you can clean it by soaking it in a  vinegar solution for a few hours. 

Further, you can use the needle to de-clog the spray holes of the shower. Even after cleaning so hard, the water pressure problem does not resolve. Then, in this case, you might need to call the plumber service of your state. 

Once I had this shower water pressure issue. The issue didn’t resolve after cleaning. Thus, I had to give a call to an emergency plumber in Cheltenham. I received very quick service. In just a few minutes they found the crack in my shower pipe and replaced it with the new one. 

Bottom Line

To keep your washroom hygienic, it is very important to clean it regularly. However, save your weekend by following these effective tips to clean your washroom daily.