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R3 Helped our Company

As we all know there are many components to effective and productive Safety Management. I could list them all but I would rather focus on how we make the tasks safer as well as the job site.  For me this goes beyond regular audits and placing work orders to correct physical conditions.  Don’t get me wrong worksite inspections are critical and they should always be part of any safety management system. But I also believe there are missed opportunities in which we can take a step further when we evaluate inspections coupled with behavior observations.

For the last several years we have been using Liberty Mutual’s R3 process.  R3 is residual risk reduction using a consistent scale of 1-5 to determine frequency, likelihood, and severity.  We identify “cause of concern” or as we call it “potential direct cause.

For example, our list includes, but not limited to, items such as:

  • Slip, trip and fall
  • Contact with Sharp Object
  • Improper PPE
  • Pinch Point
  • Cumulative Trauma

Now risk reduction analysis is nothing new and there are several different ways to capture the risk that is at the work station or the task.  But as we developed this R3 process we understood that we can target improvement opportunities in several components of our safety management system and processes.

I have attached a presentation that I have presented internally to our company and externally.  I hope that this will be beneficial and help to improve the safety at your facility.


Randy Morton, CSHM

Past President ISHM Board of Directors

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