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Opioids Patient Education and the Workplace

Chronic pain is a huge health problem that currently affects 100 million Americans, meaning they are most likely being treated with conventional medications, surgery, injections, or physical therapy. Just recently, Ohio officials reported that the state of Ohio is on track to have 10,000 overdose deaths this year alone, shedding light on the growing opioid epidemic and the increasing need for patient education. In fact, a recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine showed that more than half of chronic opioid abusers received the pills from prescriptions written for them.

Opioid prescription medications pose both health and safety issues in the workplace. These medications, even when taken as prescribed, are powerful and highly addictive drugs that can cause impairment and increase the risk of workplace incidents. The following infographic created by Regis College’s Online Master of Science in Nursing program takes a look at how doctors play an integral role in educating their chronic pain patients to help reduce workplace incidents, unnecessary hospital admissions, and dependence on strong pain drugs.

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