EHS Certifications for Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Beyond.
EHS Certifications for Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Beyond.

No matter what your industry, ISHM has the credential for you.

From new grads to seasoned professionals, ISHM accepts various combinations of education and experience.

Applying practical safety management principles to any field and every department.

CSHM: Premier Level EHS Management Certification

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  • Created by EHS managers
  • For EHS managers of all disciplines
  • Confirmation of safety and business management abilities
  • Accredited by CESB

CSMP: High Level EHS Management Skills and Knowledge

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  • Authenticates on-the-job EHS management skills
  • Confirms technical knowledge
  • Establishes credibility
  • Accredited by CESB

ASHM: Mid Level EHS Education combined with Entry Level Experience

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  • Immediate qualification for grads of ABET/Board Approved programs
  • Value added designation without exam requirement
  • A stepping stone to CSHM


CSSM: Administrative Level School Safety Certification



  • Ideal for administrators, resource officers, and facility managers.
  • Validates school safety management education and experience.
  • Provides peace of mind for school boards, parents, and patrons.

CSSS: Intermediate Level School Safety Certification



  • Ideal for teachers, transportation or playground supervisors, and maintenance supervisors.
  • Recognizes on-the-job experience in performing safety and security activities.
  • Meets employer requirements for career advancement.
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