Incorporating plants inside your homes is a tricky process but at the end very fulfilling and highly rewarding. Plants lighten up the living space and bring a peaceful vibe to the surroundings we live in. They are also known to improve the quality of air and significantly reduce psychological and physiological stress.This makes it advisable for people to incorporate one or the other plants inside their homes to feel a positive atmosphere around them. However it isn’t always possible for people to put big and tacky plants inside, so we have a carefully curated list of 5 indoor plants which people can grow inside their homes. For now you can take your favorite delta 8 flower from Observer, relax back on your couch and go through the best options for indoor plants for your space.

Spider Plant

Very much unlike its namesake, a spider plant is not at all scary or dangerous. A spider plant quite resembles a jungle and gives off a peaceful vibe in the indoor space it is placed in. The long leaves fall downwards like a green firecracker. This plant is ideal for all gardening beginners as it requires no special attention and is known to thrive in a wide variety of conditions. This plant is also responsible for improving the health of the people in the house as it removes formaldehyde and xylene from the air around. Being non toxic to cats and dogs this is a perfect plant to be incorporated inside the house.

Peace Lily

To keep a peace lily inside the house is almost as easy as a spider plant. This shade loving tropical plant is recognized by its huge, thick green leaves as well as the teardrop shaped white leaves. This plant is great at improving the health of the people in the house as it removes ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air. This is also a water thirsty plant so you must make sure to water it regularly and spritz the leaves in due time otherwise the leaves might start drooping. 

Snake Plant

One of the most popular indoor plants for many people is a snake plant. Don’t be scared of the name, this plant gets its name from the shape of the upright leaves which stretch towards the ceiling. This makes it an extra easy task to care for this plant as it does even need to be watered regularly. On top of giving an aesthetic appearance wherever it is placed and being easily manageable, this plant removes some nasty chemicals from the air like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene.


Weeping fig plants are another very popular indoor plants used by people to enlighten their living space and introduce a touch of greenery to make them feel at peace. These plants are shaped like trees but like Bonsai don’t need an entire yard to grow. They can simply be grown inside the homes and being highly beneficial they will soak up various chemical compounds that are present in the air to make it healthy.


Known as a healer plant, aloe vera is a popular plant that is grown indoors for its various benefits. The leaves of this plant can be cut off and the gel can be used as a skincare and haircare ingredient as well as to make a juice which has high health benefits. As it is anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial it can be used by anyone to treat wounds and different skin conditions. It also purifies the air by eliminating formaldehyde from the air. 


The plant you choose for your home is entirely a personal decision as per the space in your house and the setting of every furniture piece. Sometimes making a decision on the type of plant you want in the house becomes too complex and confusing and for that we have helped you by presenting this list.

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