The only place where you spend the majority of your lone time, thinking, wondering, sleeping, dreaming, and being you deserves to have the hints and tints of you. As chic, glamorous, fun, calm, or creative you are, your room should have the subtle additions that would represent you and your taste. But not every time is it affordable to actually revamp your room according to everything you would want and desire to have, so starting slow, one step at a time is what we recommend. However, there are many affordable ways to add glamour to your bedroom as well and it will totally go with each and every personality, room and mind.


For some, they are a necessity and for others they may just be an accessory for the bedroom. Whatever be the reason, choosing chic, pastel curtains can never be a wrong idea. There are a myriad designs of curtains and blinds trending that you can choose from, and these are not going out of trend any time soon. Choose a color or pattern that suits your personality or taste the best and add them to your bedroom. Also, just a tip, curtains are not meant for just windows like a lot of people perceive. They can be put behind the bed, around the bed and basically as a division between your bedroom and study table or dressing table. You will have to be a little creative with this one.


Who said you only need one mirror per room? You can have as many as you want, after all it is your room, your choice. If you like mirrors, you can use them as wall decors. There are mirrors of different shapes and sizes, frames and colors available in the market. Choose what you like and arrange them how you feel would look good. 


Have you ever been to a showroom or a restaurant and felt like damn! They have such beautiful lights? Well, if your answer is yes, you should consider getting lights for your room too. Again, lights have a range, you don’t have to purchase fancy chandeliers (you can, if you can afford one but it isn’t necessary) simply DIY lamps if you are into making things out of scratch or explore bulbs and lights that are within your range. Fairy lights are pretty cute and affordable, just saying!


Not everything you add in your bedroom has to be a mere decoration. You can simply change your containers and switch to more beautiful containers and store your items in them. These containers can be transparent or opaque, again your choice. I have kept a transparent container in my bedroom and stored my delta 8 gummies in it. The colorful gummies beautify the whole look and give a pop of color to the otherwise pastel palette. You too can do the same, find the best delta 8 gummies for yourself and keep them as a decor.

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